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Luminous Launches Home Automation Products

Luminous Power Technologies, the electrical goods manufacturer dealing mainly in battery and inverters has now ventured into the home automation segment. Luminous has launched smart switches, smart plugs, motion sensors etc. in select regions in India.

Luminous Power Technologies logo

Mr. Jitendra Agrawal, Senior Vice- President, Luminous Power Technologies, said “Home electricals business has been one of the fastest growing … For Luminous, home electricals constitutes 10 percent of the Rs 3,500 crore total revenue. Power backup solutions including inverters and battery constitute a large portion of the company’s sales”.

Luminous’ Home Automation Product Offerings

The Luminous Home Automation System controls lighting, temperature, entertainment systems and appliances. Additionally, home security systems such as access control and alarm systems can also be installed. This connects to one central hub that acts as a controller for the entire home.

Mr. Jitendra Agarwal said “Our company has launched home automation solutions in Ludhiana, NCR, Chennai and parts of Kerala. Depending on the response, we will reach out to more locations. We want the system to be easy to operate and also easy to install. The local electrician should be able to (install)“.

About Luminous Power Technologies Ltd.: Luminous is a direct subsidiary of Schneider Electric India. Schneider Electric had acquired 74 percent stake in this Delhi-headquartered company in 2011. Later in 2017, the remaining 26 percent acquisition was also approved by the Competition Commission of India. Luminous with its headquarters in Gurgaon, Haryana has around 4250 employees worldwide and a turnover of around INR 3,500 Crore in FY-19.