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LAPP Unveils New Range of Lead-Free Brass Cable Glands

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LAPP India, manufacturer of cables and cable accessories, in a press release stated that it has become the first manufacturer in the World to offer cable glands in a lead-free Brass version. The new products would be marketed under brand name SKINTOP and SKINDICHT cable gland ranges.

LAPP Lead-free SKINTOP, SKINDICHT Cable Gland Models and Applications

LAPP cable glands new lead-free version is available in three models. The first two products include the SKINTOP MS-M and MS-SC-M model glands; the third one is the counter nut SKINDICHT SM-M.

SKINTOP MS-M: SKINTOP MS-M glands have a wide range of application in machine and plant construction, measurement, control and regulation technology, and where there are tough demands in terms of mechanical and chemical stability. These glands offer wide clamping ranges, strain relief and durability.

SKINTOP MS-SC-M: These are EMC glands (Electro-Magnetic Compatible) which are used in applications which involve shielded cables for electromagnetic protection. LAPP’s SKINTOP MS-SC-M feature a highly conductive, flexible EMC contact spring and a low-resistance shield contact.

SKINDICHT SM-M: This range offers the lead-free locknuts / counter nut for above mentioned SKINTOP cable glands.

LAPP’s Lead-Free Cable Gland Sizes and Other Properties

All of the above versions are available in metric sizes M12 to M63. The acronym LF at the end of the article number in LAPP products indicates that it is lead-free. LAPP also mentioned that it would be supplementing more product groups with lead-free versions. The lead-free versions will maintain same quality as the existing versions in terms of their mechanical properties, corrosion resistance and EMC properties. These lead-free glands also comply with protection class IP 68.

Lead-Free Products for Sustainability

Lapp in its press release mentioned that these lead free products are being developed keeping sustainability in focus. It further added that they are developing sustainable products, even before being obliged to do so by laws and regulations as part of their social responsibility.

In future with the possibility of ban on Lead, companies are trying to provide their customers sustainable options especially for machines with a long service life.

About Lapp India: Lapp India Pvt. Ltd., is a 100% subsidiary of Lapp Systems GmbH Germany, is a supplier and manufacturer of cables and cable accessories. It started operations in India in 1996 with manufacturing units at Jigani, Bangalore and Pilukhedi, Bhopal. With marketing offices in major cities of India it employees around 300 people. Its turnover for FY-19 stood at around INR 616 Crore.