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KEC Wins 1,566 Cr. Orders in T&D, Civil, Cable, Oil & Gas Segments

KEC International Ltd. has secured various orders totaling Rs. 1,566 crore across its Transmission & Distribution (T&D), Civil, Oil and Gas Pipelines and Cables business segments. KEC International shared this information in its stock filing dated 28th December 2023.

In T&D segment, the company has won orders in India for laying 400 KV transmission lines and establishing 220/132 KV Gas Insulated (GIS) and Air Insulated (AIS) substations. KEC has also secured an order to supply towers, hardware, and poles in Americas.

In Oil and Gas Pipelines segment, KEC’s has secured composite works orders for an oil terminal in India.

KEC has secured a Civil order in commercial building segment in India.

Further, in the Cable segment, the company has won multiple orders for the supply of various cables in India and overseas.