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IEX Dec Trade Volume Increases 14.9% YoY, Hits 9,707 MU in 2023

Indian Energy Exchange (IEX) recorded a 14.9% Year-over-Year (YoY) increase in volume of power traded, trading 9,707 Million Units (MU) in December 2023. This information has been shared by IEX in its press release dated 3rd January 2024.

This volume includes 10.52 Lakh Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs)*, equivalent to 1,052 MU of renewable energy. In terms of electricity volume other than RECs, there was a YoY increase of 8.7% with volume in December 2023 standing at 8,655 MU.

Considering Q3 of FY-24, volume of energy traded on IEX was 28,326 MU reflecting an increase of 16.9% on YoY basis.

*Renewable Energy Certificates are given to a developer to certify that a Renewable Energy (RE) producer owns a certain amount of RE on the grid. RECs are tradable instruments which can be purchased by others who wish to offset their carbon emissions. Usually, 1 REC is awarded per MW of RE fed to the grid.