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HPL Electric Launches New Switchgear, Range for Solar Panels

HPL Electric & Power has launched new switchgear range at the 14th edition of Renewable Energy India (REI) Expo 2021 (15th-18th September) at Greater Noida. These new switchgear are designed for application in solar power distribution panel.

HPL’s ‘DC Disconnector’ (Isolator) Switch for Upto 1500V DC Current

HPL Electric has introduced new range of ‘DC Disconnectors’ or DC isolators suitable for photovoltaic (PV) applications. They have a rated voltage of up to 1500V DC and can be utilised for DC current management in PV power systems. DC current isolation helps in case of hazards due to arcs developed in DC Circuits.

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HPL’s ‘AC Isolator’ Switch for Upto 800V AC Current

The other launch by HPL is of ‘AC Isolator’ load break switch in a compact frame. It provides safe isolation even at low voltages and up to 800V AC. The isolator can perform equally well on either on-roof or ground mount solar panel applications. Moreover, the switches have inbuilt safety measure to quench arcs within the mould with the help of arc chutes*. It also gives efficiency that leads to low power losses.

*Arc chute is a set of parallel arranged metal plates which extinguishes the arc formed when the circuit breaker interrupts high electric current.

According to Mr. C.R. Kundu, Senior Vice President, Switchgear, HPL Electric & Power, “We at HPL have been working towards creating new technology which itself paves ways for others to follow and out mark today’s need in renewable energies. These best in class products offer the latest technology and innovative designs for long lasting durability. These products are compatible with solar PV applications”.

About HPL Electric and Power Ltd.: Established in 1991 HPL Electric & Power Limited is an Indian electric equipment manufacturer of metering Solutions, switchgears, LED lighting, wires & cables, solar solutions and modular switches. It has 7 manufacturing units and 2 R&D centres in various parts of India including Sonipat, Gurugram, Kundali, Gharaunda, Guwahati etc. Total number of employees is around 1,234. Total turnover of the company for FY-21 was ₹ 850.20 Crore.