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Havells Ties up with Swedish Start-Up BLIXT for Solid State Circuit Breakers

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Havells India Limited, manufacturer of electrical equipment, has signed a commercial agreement with a Swedish tech start-up BLIXT. BLIXT has agreed to share solid-state circuit breaker (SSCB)* technology with Havells for manufacturing in India.

The Solid-state circuit breakers replace the traditional moving parts of an electromechanical circuit breaker with semiconductor-based controller for circuit breaking.

Advantages of SSCB over Mechanical Circuit Breakers

With the growing demand for reliable electrical equipment in high-power applications in India, there is need for more innovative solutions. Solid State Circuit Breakers can interrupt current flow much faster than traditional mechanical circuit breakers. The wear and tear are also very less due to digital switching. Also, there is no arc generated during switching in SSCBs, unlike traditional electromechanical breakers.

Havells to Strengthen Market Position by Introducing Solid-State Circuit Breakers (SSCBs) in Indian Subcontinent

Havells is introducing solid-state circuit breakers (SSCB) in Indian Sub-continent to strengthen its position in switchgear market in the region. The company stated that this new technology will contribute to upgrading electricity infrastructure in India.

Commenting on the partnership, Mr. Vivek Yadav, Executive Vice President, Havells India Ltd said “We are extremely delighted to partner with BLIXT in this endeavour and reinforce our thought leadership in switchgear. Solid-state circuit breakers (SSCBs) have versatile applications in the electrical industry, including power distribution, renewable energy, data centres, electric vehicles, and aerospace and defence.”

On behalf of BLIXT Mr. Trued Holmquist, Co-Founder and CEO, BLIXT saidTeaming up with the market leader in India will allow us to scale faster and reach a huge market in rapid transition. We believe the fit and timing are perfect and together with Havells we will be able to reach millions of customers who would benefit from this new technology. We look forward to interacting with customers across Indian region to address different applications enabling faster and reliable circuit protection “.

Solid-State Circuit Breakers Applications in various Sectors

SSCB have their applications in all the sectors in which currently mechanical circuit breakers are being used. SSCBs can be used in power distribution systems for commercial and industrial setups where they can be used to protect electrical equipment such as motors, transformers, and generators, from overloads and short circuits.

Solid-State Circuit Breakers can also be used in renewable energy systems, such as solar and wind power where they can help protect the system from overloading due to fluctuations in power output. SSCBs can also come handy in data centres to protect critical IT equipment from power surges and other electrical faults.

About Havells India Ltd: Havells is a leading FMEG company based in Noida, U.P. It manufactures a wide range of electrical products including consumer durables, cables, switchgear and lighting covering the entire gamut of household, commercial and industrial electrical needs. Its network constitutes over 7900 plus dealers and 40 branches in India.

About Blixt Tech AB: BLIXT enables real-time software configuration of electricity to control both current and voltage. The solid-state technology platform includes solid-state circuit breakers and next-generation battery system architecture, providing a future-proof, software-configurable, safe and efficient infrastructure for AC and DC. The company holds 44 patent applications and is since 2021 an official member of high-quality partner ecosystem program. BLIXT was founded in Sweden in 2018 and has received multiple industry awards.