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Havells Launches New Range of ‘Ecoactiv’ Fans

Havells India Ltd., electrical consumer goods and cable manufacturer, has introduced new range of energy-efficient fans ‘ECOACTIV’. The range includes 19 new models under the ceiling, pedestal, wall and ventilator fan categories for the upcoming summer season.

‘Ecoactiv’ Range to be Completely Designed and Manufactured in India

Havells stated that all the models have been designed and developed indigenously by the company. The new range will be manufactured at Havells manufacturing plant at Haridwar. Also, the plant is equipped with latest technology like automated CNC machines for end covers, computerized conveyor assembly line and testing facilities.

Different Offerings under the Havells ‘Ecoactiv’ Range

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In the ceiling fan category, Havells has launched 6 new models of BLDC* (Brush Less Direct Current) fans which include Stealth Air Neo and Stealth Air Prime ceiling fans.

*BLDC fan takes in AC voltage and internally converts it into DC using SMPS.

BLDC technology helps lower power consumption and is BEE 5 star-rated. The new fan range also claims to offer low-noise operation with in-built voltage stabilization, timer setting upto 4 hours with RF technology remote control.

Havells has also launched the designer ceiling fans in BLDC range namely ‘Amaya’.

Commenting on the launch, Mr Ravindra Singh Negi, President-Electrical Consumer Durables, Havells India, said “Our new energy efficient ECOACTIV fan range is designed specifically for working on low energy usage helping consumers cut the power costs and save money on electricity bills, thus addressing the biggest concern of energy consumption when using an appliance”.

Havells IOT based Ceiling Fans

Havells recent launch also includes IOT based ceiling fans Trinity-I which come with ‘Smart Mode’ feature based on ‘i-sense technology’ (Havells Proprietary) function that senses the temperature and humidity in room and adjusts the fan speed accordingly. These ceiling fans are also compatible with voice-enabled devices like Alexa & Google Home and can be operated with mobile application ‘Havells Smart’. Other features include auto modes like ‘Sleep’ and ‘Breeze’ for night comfort and natural breeze effect along with five-level speed control, timer setting and automatic ON and OFF.

New Offerings in Non-ceiling Fan Range

Havells along with ceiling fans has also introduced BLDC technology in non-ceiling fans. This includes Platina Wall and Sprint Pedestal BLDC fans that company claims can save up to 50% power consumption than conventional variants of these fans. Under the wall fan category, Havells has also launched Marvel Wind and Dzire HS fan which will operate on low voltages too. Under the ventilator fan category, Havells has launched the Airwynn Cabin fan, Ciera HS cabin fan, Ventilair Hush wood, Ventilair Hush steel and Ventilair DSP offering low-noise operations.