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Gujarat Toolroom to Set-Up Rs. 572 Cr. Hybrid Power Plant

Gujarat Toolroom Limited (GTL) will be developing a wind-solar hybrid power plant in Gujarat, with an estimated investment of Rs. 572.5 crore.

Gujarat Toolroom’s Hybrid Power Plant to Sprawl over 65 Acre

The company has secured 65 acre of land on ‘long-term lease’ of Rs. 10 lakh per acre for the development of this hybrid power plant as per stock filing dated 13th May 2024. Out of the total land, the company will use 60 acre for the installation of 1,00,000 solar power modules and 15 on-shore wind turbines. One wind turbine will be installed every four acre of land. Further, the remaining land has been designated for developing power management infrastructure, including transformer stations and high-voltage line terminals.

N-type TOPCon Solar Power Modules, 2.5 MW-rated Wind Turbines to be Installed

The company will be deploying bi-facial N-type TOPCon solar power modules at this hybrid power plant. Each of these modules will have a generation capacity of 580 Watt-peak (Wp).

For the hybrid plant’s wind power component, the company will use General Electric’s ‘GE 2.5-100’ Wind Turbine Generators (WTGs). Each of these turbines has a power rating of 2.5 MW, and a rotor diameter of 100 metre.

The company stated Keeping in mind that we consider 12 Hours operational time the plant will produce minimum 1,170 Mega Watt of power in a Day”. As per this figure, Gujarat Toolroom expects to produce an average of 97.5 MW per hour from this hybrid power plant. Out of the total average generated power capacity, 60 MW per hour will be solar power, while the remaining 37.5 MW per hour will be wind power.

After commissioning, Gujarat Toolroom’s hybrid power plant is expected to cater to the electricity needs of approximately 70,000 to 73,000 households in Gujarat.

Break-up of Gujarat Toolroom’s Investment

Gujarat Toolroom’s investment of Rs. 572.5 crore for this project comprises Rs. 225 crore for wind turbines, Rs. 150 crore for solar panels, and infrastructure expenses totaling Rs. 140 crore. Furthermore, the company will utilise about Rs. 45 crore for the purchase of cables and Rs. 6 crore for transformers. The remaining Rs. 6.5 crore of the total is the long-term lease expense for the project land.

Gujarat Toolroom’s Project to Generate 171 Cr. Revenue, 146 Cr. Profit Annually

GTL anticipates that this hybrid plant will generate a revenue of Rs. 170.82 crore every year and a profit of Rs. 145.82 crore per annum post-commissioning. The company estimates the plant’s annual operational cost to be around Rs. 25 crore.

About Gujarat Toolroom Limited: Gujarat Toolroom Limited, headquartered in Ahmedabad, was incorporated in 1983. The company manufacturers and assembles different types of industrial equipment and machinery. The company is now diversifying its portfolio to enter hybrid Renewable Energy generation with the aforementioned plant.