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Fuji India Launches Clamp-on Ultrasonic Flow Meters for Steam

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Fuji Electric India Pvt. Ltd., the electrical instrumentation and automation manufacturer has launched clamp-on type Ultrasonic Flow Meter for saturated steam*. The newly launched Ultrasonic Flow meters are named FSJ / FSX series and are part of Fuji Electric’s EMS (Energy Management Solution).

Why are Clamp Flow meters required?

A lot of industries run on steam including power plants and food processing factories. The accurate measurement of the steam pressure is also very important but unnecessary tapping (unnecessary exit) in steam line may cause heat dissipation loss and steam leakage.

To counter this issue clamp-on Ultrasonic flow meter for steam can be mounted easily without plumbing.

Benefits of Clamp-on Ultrasonic Flow Meters

Steam flow can be monitored at factories and facilities where it was previously difficult to monitor. Installation and maintenance can be done without interrupting operation. Additionally, it helps optimum energy savings and energy management in factories.

Installation and Features of Fuji’s Clamp-on Flow Meters

Fuji Electric’s FSJ / FSX series ultrasonic flow meters can be installed easily without the need of stopping the process or cutting pipe. It can measure steam flow rate at very low pressures from 0.1 to 0.9 MPag.

The input voltage required is 100 to 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz.

Speaking on the launch Sriram Ramakrishnan, MD, Fuji Electric India, said, “The new clamp-on ultrasonic flow meters are intended for users seeking an accurate, reliable and easy to install device. The Ultrasonic Flowmeter demonstrates Fuji Electric’s EMS (Energy Management Solution) by “Visualization”, “Recognition” and “Optimization” that help operations and maintenance managers tackle difficult steam flow energy management challenges and deliver optimum results”.

About Fuji Electric India: Fuji Electric India Pvt. Ltd., is a 100% Subsidiary of Fuji Electric Group. Fuji Electric India was established in 2009 and is headquartered in Mumbai with a Pan-India presence. The company manufactures a wide range of products including AC Drives, Motion Controllers, PLCs, DCS, HMI, Semiconductors and Field Instruments.

*Saturated steam is type of steam that occurs when liquid and gaseous phases of water exist simultaneously at a given temperature and pressure.