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UFlex with IIT-Delhi Develops Ant-Microbial Coated PPE’s

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UFlex Ltd., the Noida based packing and polymer manufacturer, in collaboration with IIT-Delhi has developed an anti-microbial coating Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Anti-microbial Coating has been approved by Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) for use by CoVid-19 health workers.

How is the UFlex Anti-microbial PPE made?

The anti microbial PPE is named ‘Flex Protect’. It is made up of Non-Woven Polypropylene Fabric. Further it is layered with anti-microbial Polypropylene coating through a special process. The total thickness of PPE kit stands at 70 GSM for comfort and flexibility, and fit to be worn for long hours as well.

Overall PPE

Mr. N Siva Shankaran, Vice President- Packaging Business at UFlex commented, “Most PPE coverall available in the market are not breathable at all. The user sweats heavily due to perspiration and this causes a great deal of discomfort to them. Flex Protect has almost 30% better breathability while also conforming to ISO 16603 (Resistance to Blood and Body Fluids) which is mandatory against infection causing virus not to enter the coverall through the fabric”.

Safety Measures in Flex Protect PPE

Flex Protect coverall PPE comes with four-layers of security. It starts with First zipper, followed by Velcro, then Second zipper, and finally a Permanent Seal Tape. To provide shielding from the holes created during stitching the edges of the PPE kit are secured with high strength seam cover.

For increased safety of the healthcare workers coveralls are designed with double forearm. It also comes with multi-layer fastening that seals all the inlet ways.

IIT Delhi

On successful development of anti-microbial PPE kit, Prof. Harpal Singh, Head, Centre for Biomedical Engineering at IIT- Delhi said, “Centre for Bio Medical Engineering, IIT, Delhi has worked very closely with UFlex Limited, Noida on the development of Breathable Fabric to be used in Flex Protect Coverall. The response and reaction time in the development was fast and excellent and it is the endeavor of IIT to collaborate with industrial partners for research and development to strengthen the domestic industry capability for providing devices and products in times of national emergencies”.

About UFlex: UFlex Ltd. is one of the India’s largest multinational flexible packaging materials and Solution Company and a leading global player in Polymer Sciences. It was founded in 1985, has state-of-the-art packaging facilities at multiple locations in India also with presence in UAE, Mexico Egypt, Poland and USA. It has around 6500 employees across the globe. The turnover of the company for FY-19 stands at INR 7,974.8 Cr.