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Esennar Introduces Transformers for Solar Power Distribution

Hyderabad based Esennar Transformers Pvt. Ltd., is providing completely indigenously designed and manufactured solar transformers- Transolar.

How are Solar transformers different from traditional transformers?

The supply load traditional transformers used in non-renewable energy distribution systems is continuous. These transformers have the primary function of either to step-up or step down voltage (mostly step down) between the Generating Plant and the Power Grid.

Whereas in case Solar Power Distribution, a solar inverter converts DC input from the Photo-Voltaic array to AC voltage for the Transformer, but this generated power is not continuous or stable, as the photo-voltaic generation is much dependent on Sun’s positioning and weather conditions. Therefore, Solar Transformer has to mitigate the effects of this variation in generated power. Also a solar transformer is required to step-up the voltage for transfer to the Grid.

In order to counter the negative affects of power variation, a solar transformer is designed with special windings and features. This includes using special transformer lubricant,  multiple windings on primary side of the transformer, using tap leads across the axial length of winding so that during short circuit the forces will be distributed equally across the winding etc.

Features of Esennar’s Transolar Solar Transformers

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Esennar Transolar Transformer is offering complete customization as different solar plants may have varied requirements. Esennar’s brochure states that it can provide transformers upto 33 KVA range and power up to 31.5 MVA. These transformers have passed dynamic short circuit test. Esennar is also offering two, three or four different windings on the low voltage side (i.e. primary side as these are step-up transformers). It also has electrostatic shielding for protection from residual resonance generated as a result of power fluctuation from solar PV inverter.

Esennar has also promised all India after sales service and supervision by company engineers for erection and commissioning.

About Esennar: Esennar Transformers Pvt. Ltd. is a Hyderabad headquartered transformer manufacturer established in the year 2000. It manufactures Oil Filled Transformers, Cast Resin (Dry Type) Transformers and now Solar Transformers. Esennar has four manufacturing units in Sangareddy district of Telangana and has around 300 employees.