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Birla Furukawa’s 6912 Optic Fibre Cable First in India in an Existing Conduit

Birla Furukawa Fibre Optics Private Limited, a joint venture (JV) company formed between Universal Cables Limited, India, and Furukawa Electric Co. Ltd, Japan, said that it has deployed a high-density 6912 fibre optic cable* into a 1.25-inch (32mm) diameter conduit for data centre expansion (name not disclosed) using an existing duct. Earlier the conduit used to carry cable with not more than 1728 fibre count.

According to Birla Furukawa this is first-of-its-kind high-density fibre optic installation in existing conduit accomplished in India.

*6912 is the total fibre count of 6912 optic fibre cable and is the highest density optical fibre cable currently available for data centre operations.

Need for 6912 Fiber Optic Cable Installation by Birla Furukawa

Birla Furukawa 6912 Fibre Optic Cable in conduit

Increase in data traffic and a rapid rise in bandwidth demand has necessitated increasing the capacity of optical fibre networks. For this data centres need to maximize the fibre count in existing conduits to avoid expensive and time-consuming creation of new installations.

Mr. Nitin Nayak, Data Center-Business Head at Birla Furukawa said “Demands of the ultra-high fiber count cable with over 3000 fibers is growing at the data centers and it is required to install as many fibers as possible in the existing ducts”.

Birla Furukawa 6912 Fibre Cable Technical Specifications and additional Services Provided

Birla Furukawa’s 6912 Fibre cable has an outer diameter of 1.14 inches (30mm) and maximum pulling tension of 600 lbs (pounds). It can also bear 90 degree turns. Birla Furukawa is also providing additional suite of services (to be opted separately) such as blueprint, installation support, inspection tracking, training, logistics, and an extended 25-year warranty.

Other cables offered by Birla Furukawa are 3456F, 1728F, etc. in less than 30mm outer diameter to fit into 1.5-inch conduits.

About Birla Furukawa: Birla Furukawa Fibre Optics Private Limited was incorporated as a joint venture on 23 July 2009. Company has its headquarters and manufacturing facility at Verna, Goa. It provides a range of optical fibre cables and related accessories like optical distribution frame, patch cords etc.