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Bihar State Transmission Company Floats Tenders Worth Rs 312.12 Crore

Bihar State Transmission Company Ltd. (BSTCL) has floated tenders for various electrical works worth a cumulative amount of Rs. 312.12 Crore, and a completion period of 18 months.

These works involve the construction of a Grid Sub Station (GSS) at Tajpur, Samastipur, Bihar. This substation will have two transformers of power capacity 160 MVA, and three of 50 MVA capacity.

This substation will step down the voltage from 220 KV to 132 KV, and then further to 33 KV. This tender also specifies a Substation Automation System (SAS) at the Tajpur GSS, and associated residential quarters.

Another tender involves the construction of a similar GSS at Thaurganj in Bihar’s Kislianganj district. This too will have transformers of the same power capacity as the Tajpur Substation (2 x 160 MVA and 3×50 MVA) and will handle the same voltages (220/132/33 KV).

Other than these two substations, BSTCL has also invited bids for laying a 39 RKM long, 220 KV D/C transmission line from PGCIL Banka to BGCL Goradih with Aluminium Conductors Steel Reinforced (ACSR) Zebra Conductor.