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Ajex & Turner Launches New Madterlube Lubricants for Cables and Wires

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Ajex & Turner Wire Dies Co., a Delhi headquartered manufacturer of wire and cable dies has launched a new product range of wire drawing lubricants under the brand name Masterlube lubricants.

Need for Lubricants in Wire Drawing Process

Lubricants are important chemicals used in the wire drawing process. Lubricants are used for reduction of wear and tear to the dies and capstans at high drawing speeds. These also help in reducing wire breakage, and such wires also come out with an extremely clean and bright finish.

Wire Lubricant Varieties under Masterlube by Ajex & Turner

Ajex & Turner in its release stated that its Masterlube lubricant range will offer improved die and capstan life, minimum of residues for excellent further processing and low foam formation. The initial range will include following offerings:

Masterlube lubricant for Aluminium A5

The characteristic benefits of Masterlube’s A5 lubricant for Aluminium include low viscosity for intermediate & fine wire drawing applications and also help in flushing of Aluminium debris from die throats, etc.

Masterlube also claims bright anneal characteristics which provides superior finished wire cleanliness. It is also accompanied by powerful anti-oxidants to provide improved thermal stability.

Masterlube lubricant for Copper CT-21

The Masterlube lubricant for Copper, CT-21 will be suitable for both high-speed plain / tinned wire drawing applications and slow-speed in-line drawing-coating applications. Contains highly effective anti-oxidants and anti-corrosives which protect the surface of metals, particularly bright drawn wire. It also has tolerance to build-up of Copper fines, Copper in solution and tramp oil contamination.

Other Major Wire Lubricant Brands

Wire lubricant being an essential raw material used by the Wire and Cable Industry in India, there are several, already established brands. Some of them are J M Lube Chemicals Private Limited (Jaipur), Metalube (Delhi), Coroseal Chemicals (Chennai), Grodal (Bengaluru) etc.

About the company: Ajex and Turner Wire Dies Co. was established in 1962 in the name Ajex Diamond Division. The company is engaged in the manufacturing of wire drawing dies and die polishing /reconditioning machinery & their consumables, and has one manufacturing unit in Azadpur, Delhi.