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Wago Launches UPS Charger Module for Control Panels

21st May 2020

Wago, the electrical and cable accessories manufacturer has announced launch of UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) charger module for control panels of industrial automation systems. This is one of the first major launches by Wago India after resuming operations since CoVid-19 lockdown.

It is a battery-based buffer solution, requiring only one charger for large load currents up to 40 A.

Need of UPS modules in Control Panels

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Control panels are the heart of any automation system therefore continuous power supply to these panels is very important. Drop in current even for milliseconds may result in failures and data loss.

UPS charger modules act as backup protection for control system to keep functioning in normal manner.

Basic Features of Wago’s UPS Charger Solution

Wago UPS chargers are pure lead based battery modules. They function on wide operating temperature range of −40 to 60°C.

It also has high current resistance and can be charged with charging current range of 1 A to 4 A. The company claims the batteries are highly reliable and having a life of around 10 years.

Benefits of Wago’s UPS Charger

Being battery based buffer solution Wago’s UPS Chargers prevent short power failures. The buffer time for this solution is 300 ms. It can also sense sudden voltage drops below 20 V DC and initiates hard shutdown to protect PLCs and HMIs connected to it. 

Fast charging option is also available at current loads of 4A.

WAGO’s capacitive buffer modules prevent short power failures. They also buffer 40 A load currents over 300 ms and 5 A currents up to 6.6 s. In addition, the modules prevent undefined states for PLC, HMI and IPC via hard shutdown when the buffer voltage drops below 20 VDC.

About WAGO: WAGO Private Limited, India is a direct subsidiary of WAGO Kontakttechnik, Germany. The company started India operations in 1997. It has a manufacturing facility in Noida, Uttar Pradesh and sales offices in various major cities of the country.