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Schneider Electric Launches “TransferPacT” Automatic Transfer Switches

Schneider Electric has announced its new range of Automatic Transfer Switching Equipment (ATSE) ‘TransferPacT’. Schneider says these are a range of high speed, compact, modular automatic transfer switches for reliable backup power supply.

Need for Automatic Transfer Switching Equipment

With more and more electrical equipment now being used in daily operations and buildings; critical facilities and infrastructure need uninterrupted power supply. For this backup power sources need to be switched On instantaneously. This has increased demand of ATSEs in the market.

Schneider’s TransferPacT ATSE for Industrial and Non-Industrial Clients

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Schneider Electric in its release mentioned TransferPacT ATSE range will help its industrial customers in maximizing uptime as well as enhancing safety, reliability, and connectivity for its non-industrial customers also.

Expressing his views Mr. Rohan Kelkar, Executive Vice President, Power Products Division, Schneider Electric said “…Data centers experience a loss of $1 million per hour on average, every time there is an outage. For hospitals, access to reliable back-up power is simply non-negotiable. This is why we are committed to equipping our partners with strategies, solutions, and services required to achieve sustainability and energy efficiency at scale…”.

Schneider Electric’s TransferPacT ATSE: Offering and Specifications

Schneider’s TransferPacT product family comes in two different offerings: Automatic and Active Automatic.

TransferPacT Automatic provides easy installation and quick settings, mainly to be used in building infrastructure.

TransferPacT Active Automatic offers a more comprehensive functionality and the option to extend to an external HMI. This allows users the scalability and flexibility to extend functions of ATSE by simply adding functional modules as per need.

  • An add-on by Schneider: EcoStruxure, a Schneider proprietary IoT-enabled solution which provides predictive maintenance by collecting and analyzing ATSE data. This feature maximizes resilience and uptime for an efficient site operation.

TransferPact ATSEs also come with a built-in Dual Power Supply (DPS) so it can provide back-up power from two different sources. The transfer speed between power sources is within 500 milliseconds. Schneider also claims that its robust design will help TransferPacT perform in the harshest environments, with operating temperatures between -25°C to 70°C.

About Schneider Electric India: Schneider Electric Infrastructure Limited (SEIL) was incorporated in the year 2011. SEIL is engaged in the business of manufacturing, designing, building and servicing technologically advanced products and systems for electricity network. SEIL has four manufacturing facilities in India spread over 3 locations: 2 units in Vadodara and one each in Kolkata and Chennai.