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Piped Water Supply Tender of 693 Cr in Uttar Pradesh

State Water & Sanitation Mission, Uttar Pradesh has floated tender for piped water supply scheme related works in Mirzapur district. This project aims to provide tap water connection to every household in the designated area. Total cost of this project is Rs. 693.3 crore.

The scope of work includes pipe water supply scheme for Mahadev group of villages and Ahugi Kala group of villages (surface source) with relevant works including commissioning, operation and maintenance (O&M) for 10 years.

The work is to be completed in 24 months. Out of the total cost of Rs. 693.3 Cr., Rs. 493.3 Cr. is allotted for works and 200 Cr. is allotted for operation and maintenance.

The bids will open on 25th March 2020.