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Phoenix Contact Launches Thermomagnetic Circuit Breakers

Phoenix Contact, the global manufacturer of electrical and cable accessories has launched thermomagnetic device circuit breakers. The thermomagnetic circuit breakers are useful for surge protection in Electrical MCC Panels with long cable paths.

Benefits of Phoenix Contact’s Thermomagnetic Circuit Breakers

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Phoenix Contact’s thermomagnetic circuit breaker contain two different switching mechanisms, a bimetal switch and an electromagnet. Below are few advantages of these circuit breakers:
• Thermomagnetic circuit breakers provide maximum overcurrent protection more quickly than thermal device circuit breakers. This is because these circuit breakers are tripped both thermally and magnetically. Both the systems, bimetal and solenoid, operate independently of one another.
• Protection from surges in low voltages of 230/240 V AC also.
• The tripping mechanism is actuated in 3 – 5 ms.

Features Offered & Applications

Phoenix Contact’s thermomagnetic circuit breakers can be mounted on standard DIN Rail of size 35mm x 7.5 mm. These are available in one-piece, plug and play option and can be latched side-by side as per requirement.

Cable connection slots are available in two variants push-in and screw type.

Thermomagnetic device circuit breakers find primary application in information and communication technology as well as process control in manufacturing sector. Devices that can be protected using these circuit breakers are programmable logic controllers (PLCs), valves, motors, and frequency converters etc.

About Phoenix Contact: Phoenix Contact GmbH & Co., headquartered in Blomberg, Germany, is a manufacturer of terminal blocks, connectors, interfacing solutions, surge protection devices and automation components.

In India Phoenix Contact started its operation in 1993. It also has a manufacturing plant in Delhi-NCR with sales offices all over the country.