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Maillefer Introduces Smart Monitoring for Cable Manufacturers

Maillefer, the cable machinery manufacturer, has introduced Smart Monitoring software packages for wire and cable extrusion lines. There are two different packages available under this offering: Manufacturing Floor Data & Manufacturing Floor Excellence.

Data Gathering and Data Monitoring by Maillefer Smart Monitoring

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Maillefer Smart Monitoring Package provides real-time monitoring of the performance of entire cable production line or certain machines within a line. Smart monitoring uses key process parameters from one line or from several lines for comparison data. For quality related monitoring various measurement gauges can be connected for real-time data collection, storage, and analysis to ensure end quality.

Maillefer Smart Monitoring: Manufacturing Floor Data

Within the Smart Monitoring family, Manufacturing Floor Data is the first of the two different product offerings of Maillefer for the Cables Industry. This is the base package with limited offerings.

The software can store relevant data tags (i.e. data fields) from production for an unlimited time (depending on disk capacity attached). Tags can be assigned to a Maillefer line, another machine supplier’s line or any machine or smart sensor.

Manufacturing Floor Data package has tools like Trending, Reporting and Direct Query for analysis of the data fetched. There is an option to choose either the standard 500 tags or opt for a bigger package of 5000 tags. The standard 500 tags option is well suited for cases where certain quality related parameters are needed from all lines and there are similar measurement gauges (e.g. diameter gauges). When dealing with bigger, more complex lines having multiple parameters, 5000 tags can be opted.

Maillefer Smart Monitoring: Manufacturing Floor Excellence

The second package from Maillefer, Manufacturing Floor Excellence offers analysis and decision making features. It includes visual, informative and custom-tailored dashboards for wider understanding of the manufacturing process. Manufacturing Floor Excellence package also includes machinery maintenance functions through Preventive Maintenance. The Preventive Maintenance module integrates the maintenance tasks schedule, descriptions, and engineering documents. Manufacturing Floor Excellence keeps maintenance team up-to-date about the tasks in the production line for all components. This helps maintenance team plan their activities weeks ahead for the next production shutdown. System admin are provided with access rights for modifying and adding tasks that are vital for certain machines and where you need to guarantee long term operation.