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Hitachi Energy Opens New Factory in Chennai for HVDC & PQ Solutions

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Hitachi Energy stated in a press release dated 9th February 2023 that it has inaugurated a High-Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) and Power Quality (PQ) factory in Chennai.

Hitachi Energy’s Chennai Unit to Produce Advanced Power Electronics

Hitachi Energy’s recently inaugurated facility will manufacture power electronics for its HVDC Light, HVDC Classic and Static Compensator (STATCOM) offerings. HVDC Light and HVDC Classic are Hitachi Energy’s high-power transmission solutions, while STATCOM helps stabilise voltage variations during power transmission by providing variable reactive power.

In addition to this, the Chennai facility will also produce electronics for Modular Advanced Control (MACH), which is Hitachi Energy’s control system for HVDC transmission systems. MACH has been designed to run continuously for at least 30 years, providing control and protection functions for the HVDC system.

Hitachi’s Chennai Facility to Cater to HVDC Requirements in India & Overseas

Hitachi Energy stated that this Chennai facility will cater to HVDC projects in India as well as export HVDC components for projects abroad.It is the latest HVDC factory built and the world’s second testing lab of power quality control solutions, stated the company’s aforementioned press release.

Hitachi Energy has emerged as a major player in the HVDC transmission system. As per the company, it has executed over half of the HVDC projects in India, which include the world’s first multi-terminal ultra-high voltage link, namely the North-East Agra link. Another major HVDC project executed by Hitachi Energy in India is the Raigarh-Pugalur link, which is capable of transmitting 6,000 MW of power from Chhattisgarh to South India over 1,830 Km.

HVDC Preferred Choice for Low-Loss Renewable Energy Transmission

Recently, HVDC transmission projects have been gaining popularity. This is because HVDC transmission offers efficient long-distance transmission of power as compared to High Voltage Alternating Current (HVAC) transmission. Therefore, HVDC becomes particularly desirable when Renewable Energy (RE) needs to be transmitted from the site of generation over long distances.

During the inauguration of this new facility, Mr. Claudio Facchin, CEO of Hitachi Energy, said, “To get to a sustainable, flexible and secure energy system, both sustainability and energy security will be at the centre of the efforts for advancing a sustainable energy future for all”. He further added, “Accelerating and anticipating investments in grid infrastructure and in innovation, people and modern production facilities are of key importance as we can build upon it and expand as the energy system evolves”.

Mr. N Venu, Managing Director and CEO India & South Asia, Hitachi Energy said on the occasion, Within the next few years, India foresees a significant number of HVDC projects to enable India’s net-zero vision. Building our new facility will help accelerate production and help our customers to advance a sustainable energy future for all. It is a step towards meeting the increased demands to supply clean, safe, and secure energy solutions.”

About Hitachi Energy India Ltd.: Hitachi Energy India Ltd. is the Indian subsidiary of Hitachi Energy. It was formerly known as ABB Power Products and Systems India Ltd. The company caters to the power utility and infrastructure sector and offers solutions for the same. For the quarter ended 31st December 2022, the company registered a revenue of Rs. 1,041 crore, and an order inflow of Rs. 1,222.1 crore.