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Hikvision Launches Standalone Range of Industrial Smoke and Gas Detectors

Hikvision India, the manufacturer of video surveillance and IoT solutions provider, has launched a range of standalone smoke and gas detectors. The new launches include two product models, HF-S2E Eco and NP-FY200 in the photoelectric smoke detector category and HF-GM100 in the carbon monoxide gas detector category.

Hikvision’s HF-S2E Eco Photoelectric Smoke Detectors

Hikvision’s newly launched Photoelectric Smoke Detector system HF-S2E Eco is quicker at detecting smoldering fires than conventional smoke detectors. In the sensing chamber of a photoelectric smoke alarm, there is a light-emitting diode and a light-sensitive sensor. The straight line of the LED light beam gets scattered by suspended smoke particles. Then these scattered photons are detected by the photo sensor and the alarm begins to sound.

HF-S2E Eco has built-in Alarm indicating buzzer. Its sound level is ≥ 85dB. It has a battery life of 3 years (Using 2-AA type batteries), which is easy to replace. This Smoke Detector supports multiple alarm types (low battery alarm, maze dirty alarm*). HF-S2E Eco comes with a self-check function to verify whether the device is working properly. It also supports silence and reset modes locally.

*Maze dirty alarm comes up when there is obstruction in sensor path due to accumulated dirt and dust

Hikvision’s NP-FY200 Smoke Detector Uses Dual-Light Sensing

NP-FY200 Photoelectric Smoke Detector is very much similar in functioning to HF-S2E Eco, the difference being it uses Dual-light sensing technology for reducing false alarm caused by vapor. This means it has two light sources for smoke detection. Apart from standard features like sound level ≥ 85 dB @ 3 m and 2-AA battery support. It also has differential temperature alarm which comes up when there is sudden spike in temperature.

Carbon Monoxide Gas Detector HF-GM100 by Hikvision

Hikvision has also introduced Carbon Monoxide Gas Detector HF-GM100 which can detect the harmful carbon monoxide (CO) gas produced accidentally in an industrial or domestic setup. Carbon monoxide is odorless, colorless, poisonous, and cannot be detected by human senses. HF-GM100 is fitted with high-performance Figaro electrochemical sensor (Figaro Engg. is a gas sensor manufacturer). It comes with battery life of 5 years on 2-AA batteries. The alarm output options are sound and LED flash alarm with sound level supports ≥ 85dB. It also supports a self-check function to verify whether the device is working properly. These Carbon Monoxide Gas Detectors can be used in factories and parking areas of large buildings.

Hikvison Manufacturing Facility near Mumbai

Hikvision India has set up a manufacturing facility near Mumbai for India-specific product manufacturing. This manufacturing facility is located in Vasai and is spread over more than 9 lakh sq. ft. area. The current manufacturing capacity is 8 lakh cameras and one lakh beacon devices per month. The manufacturing facility has capability to manufacture 850 different kind of products from the Hikvision range.