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Havells, Gupta Power & many others Blacklisted by UPPCL

It appears that the UP state power corporation was getting complaints repeatably and there was a perception that the electrical companies were showcasing better quality and efficient items at the time of sampling whereas were actually supplying poor quality items to the store.

Trouble in UPPCL: Large Scale Material Quality Issues

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The Energy Minister of the state P. Srikant Sharma created a special strategy for quality checks of supplied items to various stores in the state. As per the orders, 1066 random samples were taken for investigation and were tested at National Test House, Ghaziabad. Out of these samples 159 failed the tests, accounting to approximately 15 % of the total.

Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation Ltd. – UPPCL has blacklisted 68 companies for supplying cheap and bad power goods to the corporation in the state of Uttar Pradesh. The affected items are Cables, Switch gears, Wires, Transformers, Conductors, Meter Pole, Transformer Oil and other electrical items used for power supply.

Since electricity department purchases material worth billions of rupees from private companies, this is a huge loss resulting in the blacklisting of 68 companies.

As per a letter from a Superintending Engineer, Madhyanchal Vidyut Vitaran Nigam Ltd. dated on 12th May 2019, the payments of the affected companies has been stopped until further notice.

State’s Concern

As per an article in UPnewz dated on 29th May 2019, Alok Kumar, Chairman UPPCL mentioned that all the items that have been examined play a very vital role in power supply. He also mentioned that if the electrical items are as per the standard the power supply is proper. He said that there have been complaints regarding the quality of transformers and the quality of material and due to poor quality a large number of transformers get damaged, specially in Summers.

The chairman further stated in the above mentioned article that further the supply of companies will be closely monitored.

Companies in the Hit List due to Poor Quality Supplies

Some of the blacklisted companies from Cable industry are: Gupta Power, Havells, Krishna Electrical, Primecab, Dynamic Cables, Shashi Cables, Tycoon Cable, P. P. Industries, Tirupati Industries, Sagar Industries, Vishnu Cable Industries,Paragon Cables, Alpha Cable, SPM Cable, Venkateswara Wires and Everkab.

Some of the blacklisted companies in the Transformers industry include Modern Transformers, Shriram Transforms, Bansal Transforms, Shriram Switch Gears, Mangal Industries, Mahindra Transforms and Karmaveer Transforms.

Some Other Companies blacklisted are: Alpha Communication, Capitol Energy Tech, Laser Power Kolkata, Bhadora Industries Tikamgarh, Mishra Construction, Nissar Construction, Allied Engineering Works and Anamika Kandukar, Kebikon Industries, Hindustan Urban, Laser Power, Power Conductors, Sigma Power Industries, Tirupati Conductors, Sandeep Enterprises, Vinayak , Abhinav Overseas, Oswal, Rackman Industries, Windsor, Tushar, Hindustan Urban Infra, Loomino Industries, Gupta Power Infra, Laser Power Infra, Necon Power Infra, Rajasthan Conductors, Arun Manufacturing, Ecolight,, Paswania-Meerut, Bolt Himachal Pradesh, Pai Square, Cabocon India, Ishwar Metal, SVASCA Industries , East India Industry, RK Industries, Mangal Electrical and Transmission India.