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DUPLAST Introduces Lead-Free Calcium Zinc Stabilizers for PVC Compound Applications

Ahemdabad-based polymer compound manufacturer DUPLAST, has developed new grades of speciality Calcium-Zinc (CAZN) stabilizers for PVC processing.

DUPLAST CAZN to replace Lead based Stabilizers for PVC Applications

DUPLAST has developed CAZN stabilizer as a replacement to lead-based stablizers for PVC processing. The combination of metal salts leads to effective stabilization in PVC processing stability and long-term stability.

The CAZN stabilizers have the advantages of good heat stability and initial colouring property. They also have good processing performance and a wide processing range. Calcium Zinc based stabilizers are relatively eco-friendly whereas lead-based stabilizers are harmful to environment.

Duplast to Provide Separate Grades of CAZN for Cables, Pipes, Transparent PVC

DUPLAST will make CAZN stabilizer available in 25 KG HDPE bags. The grades available of CAZN for different PVC applications are as below.

Cable compounds, polymers


BSTAB-34, 79, 70, 70H, 88, 97, 97H.


BSTAB-79P, 79PC.



DUPLAST has also set up a technology development centre at its facility in Ahemdabad, which is mainly responsible for the development of new products, improving the current manufacturing process, process optimization, and quality control, as well as supervision of raw and auxiliary materials and finished products.

DUPLAST has a range of plasticizers for all PVC applications. Carbon Black from DUPLAST® is specially formulated to suit PVC compounding. It is preblended with proprietary additives to give it better dispersion, colour and finish on cable.

About DUPLAST: DUPLAST is an eco-product manufacturing company with a plant in Ahemdabad, Gujarat established in 2005. Its area of work includes eco-plasticizer (PVC & others ), eco-solvent and biodegradable and eco-friendly plastic for supplier bags/ moulded products films etc.