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Sikora Launches Self Testing Spark Testers

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Sikora, a manufacturer of testing and manufacturing instruments has launched SPARK 6000 HF series spark testers for the cable industry. The company claims to provide a unique feature of integrated 3-step self-test and calibration. The series model variants are SPARK 6030 HF and SPARK 6020 DC. The product was showcased at the Cable and Wire Fair-2019, New Delhi, held from 6th to 8th November 2019.

Application of Spark Testers

While carrying out the extrusion of cables, it is necessary to detect and record faults in the insulation at an early stage. This is done with the help of high voltage spark testers. Here, the cable insulation is exposed to the selected test voltage and faults in the insulation are reliably detected. This allows for quality control and ensures that only faultless cables are delivered. The test voltage is continuously adjustable.

The company claims that the SPARK 6000 series conform to approved test standards (AS, BS, CS, CENELEC, EN, UL, VDE) and safety regulations (as demanded by DIN/ VDE 0800, IEC 479-1).

Integrated self-test and calibration system

The spark testers like other testing and measurement instruments need to be tested and calibrated for accurate results. For this, the SPARK 6000 series offers a 3-step self-test and calibration system. This test is documented in a log file and can be recalled at any time. This is an optional feature. These include the following test features:

Sikora Spark Tester 1500

Integrated high voltage test: The spark tester tests the displayed high voltage of the device for precision. The high voltage has to be within a tolerance of 5%. At the same time, the corona level is measured and displayed.

Integrated short-circuit current test: In addition to the high voltage test, the spark tester automatically checks the maximum short-circuit current in case of an accidental touch of the test electrode, which should not exceed 10 mA.

Integrated function (sensitivity) test: The spark tester automatically performs a function test (sensitivity test). During this test, 20 artificial faults (breakdowns) are initiated that are detected and reported.

Exchangeable self-test-module: The functional and self-test-module which is separately integrated into the SPARK 6030 HF and SPARK 6020 DC, can be exchanged with Sikora for calibration.

Wi-Fi interface: The SPARK 6000 devices have common interfaces, including a Wi-Fi interface as an option. Via Wi-Fi, they can be directly connected with the Sikora App on a smartphone or laptop.

Sikora App: Sikora is also offering a free app for diagnosis and control on smartphones. When connected via the Wi-fi interface the app will enable the user to start the self-test. A report in PDF format is generated with the number of breakdowns occurred and deviation from the ideal results.

About SIKORA: SIKORA AG is headquartered in Berlin, Germany. It is a manufacturer of testing and measuring instruments. It has a subsidiary in India namely Sikora India Private Limited with offices in Mumbai and Delhi. It has around 250 employees worldwide.