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Siemens Launches 3VA UL Large Frame Moulded Case Circuit Breakers

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Siemens has launched new 3VA UL Large Frame moulded case circuit breakers (MCCBs). The new 3VA moulded case circuit breakers offer variable application options for low and medium-voltage power distribution in industries, infrastructure as well as buildings.

Siemens 3VA UL MCCB in 1200 A and 1600 A Frame Sizes

Siemens said the new 3VA UL MCCB will be available in 1,200A and 1,600A frame sizes* and meet the requirements of IEC and UL standards.

*The frame size is the designation of the maximum continuous current the breaker can carry and indicates its physical size.

Siemens also informed that the new frame sizes will be available in both thermal-magnetic and electronic trip unit versions.

The thermal trip unit is made up by a bimetal thermal device which actuates the opening of a circuit breaker when it surpasses specified current value.

An electronic trip unit is a programmable device which measures and times current flowing through the circuit breaker and initiates a trip signal on reaching over the current value.

Siemens 3VA UL MCCB to Offer Faster Tripping

MCCBs are mainly used to protect personnel and equipment against electrical damage and failures. Siemens 3VA UL MCCB comes with integrated arc energy reduction feature. This feature ensures that new 3VA UL Large Frame MCCBs trip more rapidly in the event of a fault. The rapid tripping thus helps reduce arc and further damage.

Integrated Communication in Electronic Trip Unit Version of 3VA UL MCCB

The electronic trip unit versions of 3VA UL MCCB offers fully integrated communication and measurement features. Energy and circuit breaker data is recorded with an accuracy of +/-1% and transmitted to higher-level systems like SCADA or HMI. This functionality is integrated into the electronic trip unit (ETU) and no longer requires additional accessories to be mounted in the circuit breaker.

The other brands which offer 1200A and 1600A MCCB are ABB, Schneider, Legrand etc.

About Siemens India Ltd.: Siemens India Ltd. is the publicly-listed Indian arm of Siemens AG. It was founded in India in 1922. At present, Siemens has 22 factories located across India, eight centres of competence and 11 R&D centres. Siemens India manufactures high-voltage switchgear, switchboards, remote monitoring systems (RMS), relays and Smart Grid systems, transformers and other equipment.