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OBO Bettermann’s Launches new Fire Protection Junction Box

OBO Bettermann, the cable accessories and surge protection equipment manufacturer, has launched new fire-resistant cable junction box series – OBO FireBox T series.

Features of the New T Series Junction Box

The new variants of the T series junction boxes come with plug-in seal with external fastening and fuse holder.

Pre-mounted Connection Unit with Fuse

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Connection unit is high-temperature-resistant and pre-mounted in the FireBox. Plug-in seals make cable insertion particularly quick and easy. OBO FireBox also comes with an internal fuse that protects each electrical function area separately.

Along with supplied bolt ties, connection unit of the OBO FireBox is approved for mounting on concrete, masonry, calcareous limestone and brick.

Fire Resistant Housing

Housing of the junction box is made of halogen-free thermoplastic polymer. It is impact and breakage resistant with high protection rating of up to IP 66.

FireBox lid can be fastened quickly by a simple 90° turn of the corner screws.

Benefits of the new T Series Junction Box

OBO FireBox with internal fuse provides an extra layer of protection. Cables can be branched easily in the connection unit. If there is damage during a fire, the upstream fuse trips, thus preventing the reaction of short-circuits. The fuse unit is fixed simply to a fastening mandrel with a screw.

About OBO Bettermann India: OBO Bettermann India was incorporated in 2008 and is a subsidiary of German OBO Bettermann group. It manufacturers cable installation systems and accessories. It has around 2,200 employees in over 60 countries and incorporated its Indian subsidiary in 2008. The annual turnover of OBO Bettermann India is between 50-100 Crore as per latest figure available on their website.