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Helukabel Introduces Cables for Renewable and E-Mobility Applications


Helukabel India Pvt. Ltd., direct subsidiary of German wires and cables manufacturer has added new cable types to its product range HELUPOWER THERMFLEX 145 series. The Cables are available in three versions: as a shielded, unshielded sheathed single core cable and as a single core cable. These cables are suited for applications that require an increased current carrying capacity and reduced outer diameters.

Applications of Helukabel THERMFLEX 145 Cables

Helukabel THERMFLEX 145 Series Cables are used as a generator connection cable in wind power plants and wherever a high current carrying capacity is required and a reduced outer diameter is beneficial due to limited installation space. Other areas of application include connection cable for thermal class B (130°C) electrical equipment like motors, transformers, relays, coils etc. The cables can also be used in power unit connections in the automotive industry.

The cables can also be used as connecting cable for heating devices and supply cable for high-performance luminaries in industrial areas, sports facilities and traffic infrastructure. The other major application of these cables is for wiring of charging stations of Electric Vehicles and connection to pantographs* for electric trains and buses.

*Pantograph is an apparatus mounted on the roof of an electric train, tram, or electric bus to collect power through contact with an overhead line.

HELUPOWER THERMFLEX 145 Cable Properties

Helukabel claims that it’s HELUPOWER THERMFLEX 145 cables are resistant to Oil, weathering effects and abrasion. The materials used during manufacturing are Cadmium-free and Halogen-free. These cables are fire resistant and don’t release corrosive and toxic gases. The temperature range is between -550 C to +145 0 C. These Thermflex 145 Series Cables are available in cross section range of 6 – 400 mm².

About Helukabel: Helukabel India Pvt. Ltd., is the direct subsidiary of German company Helukabel GmbH. It is headquartered in Pune, Maharashtra. The company supplies armored and non armored control cables, FRLH wires, flexible oil resistant cables etc.