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Elmeasure Launches Digital Motor Protection System

Elmeasure India Pvt. Ltd., Indian manufacturer of smart meters and electrical instruments has launched a Motor Protection System (MPS) by the model name MPS 8000. This system provides protection to industrial heavy motors by monitoring various parameters of motor usage.

Why and Where is Motor Protection System Required?

Motors are one of the key instruments in industrial instrumentation, especially, manufacturing units of food processing, small components etc. need non-stop operation of their conveyor belts and other motor run systems to yield maximum profit.

Motor failure in such units due to frequent fluctuation in line voltage or overloading of the motor can affect the operations hugely. Other factors like mechanical wear and tear or low maintenance may also result in motor inefficiency or even burn the motor which may incur large repair costs. Here motor protection system can prove to be beneficial.

Functionality and features of Elmeasure’s MPS

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Elmeasure’s Motor Protection System is a multifunction system which can be installed at a junction box onsite near the motor or in the control room. It provides comprehensive and easy to define motor protection, monitoring and control. The system generates alerts against abnormal voltage, overload, frequency, single phasing, unbalance loading of voltage and current, neutral current, phase reversal, winding short, etc.

Remote monitoring is also possible as it can communicate with PCs, PLCs, DCS through optional RS 485/232 serial protocol. Other technical features are as below:

  • The terminals for voltage and current connections are finger touch proof (Shock safety).
  • Trip time is programmable for protection. Displays the reasons for tripping for future correction.
  • Display has auto-scaling of Kilo, Mega, Giga and decimal point.
  • Auto scrolling.
  • User programmable password protection. 
  • Programmable locked motor current and time.

About Elmeasure Pvt. Ltd.: Elmeasure Pvt. Ltd. is one the large manufacturers of Digital Panel Meters, Prepaid Meters & custom energy saving solutions providers in India. It was founded in 2004 and is headquartered in Bengaluru, Karnataka. It has around 500 employees all over India.