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Supermac Introduces IoT Enabled Cable Extrusion Lines in Collaboration with Siemens

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Supermac Industries, a Cable Machinery manufacturer and supplier has introduced cable extrusion machines enabled with Industrial Internet of things (IIoT) technology. The system is based on PLC and IIoT platform provided by Siemens Mindsphere and Supermac’s Extruder.

Supermac’s IOT Based Cable Extrusion Lines: Real-time Monitoring and Equipment Effectiveness

Supermac-Siemens IoT Extrusion Line Machine Performance
  • Siemens Mindsphere IIoT solution will allow users to securely fetch, manage and process data from production lines.
  • Users will have access to real-time monitoring of critical line and process parameters, line uptime-downtime analysis along with OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) monitoring.
  • With real-time process traceability of critical process parameters user can establish system’s analytical capabilities.
  • The advanced analytics cloud based system will help operators better manage variability in mass customization scenarios.

The IIoT based cable extrusion line will help users in Process Optimization, Quality control, Shop floor Integration, Energy Efficiency, Predictive Maintenance, Data Security etc.

Supermac-Siemens IoT Extrusion Line Downtime Analysis

Supermac Siemens IOT Upgrade for Old Cable Extrusion Lines Possible

Besides these IoT integrated extrusion lines, Supermac is also offering the IIoT solution separately to customers who are already using a PLC enabled Supermac extrusion line. Customers who are using non-PLC based extrusion lines can also upgrade to an IoT enabled system to get benefits of automation.

About Supermac Industries: Supermac Industries (India) Limited, was set up in 1974. Its product portfolio includes extrusion machines, crossheads, caterpillars, capstans, screws & barrels, take-ups and pay-offs. It has three manufacturing units all setup in Manesar, Haryana.