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Prysmian Launches 180 Micron Bend Insensitive Optical Fibre Cable

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Prysmian Group, the manufacturer of energy and telecom cables introduced a bend insensitive single-mode optical fibre with 180µm outer diameter. Prysmian BendBrightXS 180µm (BBXS-180µm) will enable cable miniaturization and will support the evolution of high-density optical networks.

Benefits of Prysmian BBXS-180µm

To meet the demands of growing 5G and IoT technologies the optical network needs to have increased capacity, higher density and lower latency. The bend insensitive cables have higher fibre count and reduced diameter to meet the aforementioned purposes. The installation is also faster and more cost effective.

Philippe Vanhille, Executive Vice President Telecom Business at Prysmian Group said, “BBXS180µm will enable cable designers to offer strongly reduced cable dimensions and yield industry record cable density.”

BBXS-180µm is fully compliant with G.652 and G.657.A2 global standards, and it can be spliced with any legacy standard single-mode fibre. With its advanced ColorLock-XS (proprietary fibre color coating) coating system, BBXS-180µm ensures excellent bending performance and mechanical reliability.

About Prysmian Group: With its headquarters in Milan, Italy, Prysmian Group is a multinational corporation that manufactures electric power transmission and telecommunication cable and systems. Going by revenues it is one of the largest cable manufacturers in the world. Its last reported annual sale was about €11 billion with about 30,000 employees across 50 countries in 112 production plants. The Indian head office of Prysmian group is located in Mumbai with branch offices in Delhi and Bangalore.