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Phoenix Contact Launches Connectors for PCB Terminals

Phoenix Contact, the industrial automation solution manufacturer has launched few new PCB-to-Cable connectors for applications related to data, signal and power connection.

Regular Update of Technology Demands Updated Connector Types

With everyday advancing technology in industrial automation, decreasing PCB sizes and inculcation of technologies like IoT and AI it becomes necessary that connectors for cables-to-devices are also updated. Connector manufacturers role out new and modified versions of cable connectors periodically.

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Phoenix Contact, in its release mentioned that size of connectors in its newly launched product ranges varies from 2.5 mm to 20 mm pitch with ratings upto 232A, 1000V and with a variety of connection technologies like screw, spring-cage, crimp, insulation displacement etc.

Below mentioned are different types of cable connectors launched by Phoenix Contact:

Phoenix Contact ‘COMBICON Control’ for Measurement and Control Devices

COMBICON Control range by Phoenix Contact provides connection methods for areas in measuring, controlling and regulation technology. The available sizes are 2.5mm to 7.62mm cross-section with ratings up to 24A/630V.

Phoenix Contact ‘COMBICON Power’ for high Current PCB Connection

In the COMBICON Power range Phoenix Contact is offering PCB terminal blocks and connectors suitable for power electronics with pitches ranges from 5mm to 20mm and ratings up to 232A/1000V in versions for wire-to-board or board-to-board connections, panel feed-through or shielded connections.

Phoenix Contact ‘PLUSCON’ Connectors for Data Transmission from Field Devices

High volumes of data transfer takes place at optimal speed from field devices, whether through high-speed copper cables or optical fibres. The PLUSCON range from Phoenix contact helps in on-site termination of such cables to the field devices. It covers up to 65 pin signal connector, up to 150 Amps power connector & the data connectors for copper cabling and fiber optics cabling for networks and fieldbuses like Ethernet, PROFINET, INTERBUS, PROFIBUS, DeviceNet, CANopen etc.