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Kusam-Meco Launches Two new Hand-Held Ohm Meters

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Kusam-Meco Ltd., manufacturer and supplier of testing instruments in India, has added 2 New models of handheld milli ohm meters Model KM 8051,8052 to their existing range of Micro/Milli ohm meters.

Light Weight and Wide Range of Measurement in Kusam Meco

The newly launched Kusam Meco ohm meters are lightweight and easy to carry. These meters adopt latest microprocessor technology, 4-wire method for measuring the resistance. These meters are suitable for testing the resistance of coils, motors, transformers, cables, contact resistance of switches, connectors, relays etc., and have a wide measuring range.

Model KM 8051 has range from 0.001mΩ to 300.0 KΩ and a resolution 1µΩ whereas Model KM 8052 has measuring range from 10.0 µΩ to 50.00 KΩ (Resolution 0.1µΩ).

Kusam Meco KM 8051, 8052 Technical Specifications

Kusam Meco specified the test current for model KM 8051 is 1 Amps whereas the test current for model KM 8502 is 10 Amps. Both instruments are with rechargeable Li-ion battery. They can store 500 data points which can be uploaded to PC. Both meters have large LCD displays, 72 × 55mm for model KM 8051 & 108 × 65 mm for model KM 8052. For reading in dark places a backlight function has been provided. The meters are also provided with USB interface, communication Cable & Software CD. When not in use for long time (15 minutes) the meters shut off automatically to preserve battery.

Kusam Meco’s model KM 8501’s dimensions are 187 × 119 × 50mm, whereas model KM 8502’s size is 240 × 188 × 80mm. The instruments are supplied with a Test wire, USB cable, Charger, Software CD, Manual, and Instrument box.

About the Company: Kusam-Meco brand is owned by Kusam Electrical Industries Ltd. and was established in the year 1983 with headquarters in Mumbai, Maharashtra. It manufactures and supplies digital test instruments for electrical, electronic and environmental testing and measurement applications.