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FLIR Launches EXTECH CLT600 for Detecting Cables Under the Surface

FLIR, the manufacturer of measurement and detection devices, under its brand EXTECH has launched CLT600, a device for detecting electrical power cables, tele-communication cables, and wires in building applications.

Need for Under the Surface Wire and Cable Detection

Nowadays, most of the wires and cables laid in buildings are laid under surfaces like walls and false ceilings. The main challenge faced in maintenance of such wires and cables is cable tracing and fault location. Also, being aware of the status of any cable under a surface as being charged or not would add to a more secure environment for the maintenance teams.

FLIR’s EXTECH CLT600 with Non-Contact Voltage Detection

Extech CLT600 works on non-contact voltage detection technology. The device comes in two parts: transmitter and receiver.

It can measure AC/DC voltage up to 450 V. It can also detect and locate hidden cables and wires in walls.

CLT600 comes with LCD screen to display coded signals and sound and visual indications. The CLT600 is suitable for field troubleshooting, wiring diagnostics, and verification of electrical installations.

FLIR EXTECH CLT600 Offerings and Price

FLIR Extech CLT600 is available at a price of INR 81,000. The complete set includes cable locator transmitter, cable locator receiver, instruction guide, 2 test leads, 2 alligator clips, grounding rod/spike, 12 batteries, socket adapter with 3-pin Type-B plug, and hard carry-case.

Other Brands which Offer Under Surface Cable Fault Locator

The non-contact voltage technology for detecting and finding faults in under the surface cables being comparatively new, there are just few brands which offer such products. The nearest one in features to FLIR CLT600 is Fluke 2042 Cable locator but comes in a slightly higher price range of INR 1.35 lakhs. The other products with somewhat similar functionalities include Bosch D-Tect 150, Metravi CFL-01 Cable Fault Locator etc.

About FLIR Systems India: FLIR Systems India was established in 2009, and a direct subsidiary of Teledyne FLIR LLC, a U.S. based testing, measurement and thermal imaging equipment manufacturer. The Indian headquarter is in Delhi with marketing offices in various cities of the country.