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ABB Launches AquaMaster 4 – Electromagnetic Flowmeter with Wireless Connectivity

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ABB Ltd., the global engineering and technology conglomerate has launched AquaMaster4 Mobile Comms flowmeter, a wireless solution for continuous flow measurement.

Need for Critical Monitoring of Water Supply

With rapid urbanisation and growing population the need to efficiently manage water resources has been a necessity. Water losses during distribution (sometimes up to 35-40%) has been a major problem for which measuring water flow at different points becomes critical so that leakages could be identified, thus reducing losses during water distribution.

ABB AquaMaster4 Mobile Comms Electromagnetic Flowmeter for Remote Monitoring

ABB in its release said AquaMaster4 Mobile Comms is the World’s first electromagnetic flowmeter with bidirectional connectivity.
AquaMaster4 Mobile Comms flowmeter has connectivity on 4G-LTE and NB-IoT networks. AquaMaster4 has mobile data accessible via an internal SIM card connected to a mobile network, enabling deployment from virtually any location with mobile connectivity.

ABB said this wireless connectivity provides near-real time data used for water management. It also has features of historical logged values of pressure, flowrate, alarms, battery life, and activity record can also be retrieved remotely.

Expressing his views on the occasion Mr. Krishna Prashanth, Global Product Line Manager Electromagnetic Flowmeters, ABB Measurement & Analytics said “AquaMaster 4 Mobile Comms allows you to stay connected to the flowmeter instead of just relying on data being communicated, providing dynamic insights into supply and demand and allowing better control and hence intelligent water management”.

ABB AquaMaster4 Provides Accuracy to Detect Leaks at Low-flow and Also Powered with Predictive Maintenance: ABB said that AquaMaster4 can also identify low-flow, night-time leaks that would otherwise be undetected. It is also powered with predictive maintenance schedule and enhanced diagnostics features to further ease operations and lower costs. ABB’s AquaMaster 4 can also be renewable-powered, further extending its cost-cutting capabilities. However, ABB’s press release didn’t mention the exact module or connectivity option.

About ABB India: ABB India Ltd (Formerly Known as ABB Ltd), founded in 1949, is one of the World’s leading engineering companies and a direct subsidiary of Switzerland based ABB Group. It has 14 manufacturing facilities in India with 18 marketing offices and around 800 channel partners.